Craft manufacturing process


The natural materials of the inside of the topper, the mattress and the bases are positioned by hand, layer by layer, steadily creating a unique craft mattress.

• We use craft manufacturing processes, the legacy of a long tradition in the manufacture of rest equipment, such as the side stitching of the topper and the insertion of the upholstery tassels.

• Rigorous quality control is carried out throughout the entire manufacturing process (selection of materials, construction, upholstery, etc.), which ensures a perfect finish to every piece that is worthy of a luxury mattress.

• Each system is constructed by rest specialists with extensive experience in the sector. It is this savoir faire handed down over the years that is one of the secrets of the unrivalled quality of AURIGA


The layers of the inner core of the topper and the mattress are positioned by hand to ensure they fit together to perfection.




The hand-stitched side border strengthens the profile of the piece and highlights its fine lines.