Natural products


Camel's wool is a fine, soft fibre found underneath the camel’s longer and coarser outer hair. It is a lighter and warmer material than sheep’s wool that naturally regulates the temperature, even when there are great contrasts in heat. It offers excellent absorption of dampness and extraordinary insulation. Thanks to its elasticity and resistance, camel's wool deforms less than fabrics made with other materials, making it the ideal choice in the internal design of rest systems.

Thanks to its large capacity to absorb water, linen is a very fresh vegetable fibre. It is a material that displays great consistency, which allows it to offer excellent support. However, linen is also outstanding for its flexibility and mouldability, which are essential for optimum comfort. The surface of the fibre is very smooth, making it very soft to the touch. Linen offers high resistance to traction, even more so than other natural fibres like cotton. Linen fibre does not gather static electricity, so favouring more intense and relaxed rest.

It is a vegetable fibre with a large capacity to absorb and release dampness, making it an ideal fresh fibre for the summer or places with very high environmental temperatures.

It is a very breathable material, which prevents the proliferation of mites and bacteria.
The softness of the fibre makes it very pleasant to the touch.
Cotton is also a material that is outstanding for its firmness, which explains its durability and its proven resistance even after constant use.
Its excellent mouldability makes it a guaranteed source of comfort.

Cashmere wool comes from the Cashmere goat, a variety that is mainly found in the north of India. 

It is a shiny, elastic and soft hair that is very pleasant to the touch.
It is an extraordinarily warm select material: Cashmere goats are animals that can withstand temperatures of up to 30 degrees below zero.
Thanks to the small air spaces between the fibres, the wool is also outstanding for its lightness, its breathability, its insulating capacity and its adaptation to dampness.
Thanks to its quality, cashmere is a highly valued fine material, used today for making luxury clothes.

Silk is a material that is outstanding for its softness and elasticity, with an excellent damp retention capacity.
It is dermatologically tested, so its use is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Silk is also an excellent thermoregulator, which is why its role in controlling the temperature of AURIGA rest systems is decisive.