Haldus base

Fixed base with dual metal structure

Choice of upholstery

The different versions of AURIGA bases form the ideal support basis for the body and are a decisive accessory in balancing the overall firmness of the rest system. 

With a dual steel structure and rigid wooden base, the HALDUS BASE offers extraordinary firmness to the base.  The metal frame is completely covered by the cushioned upholstery.  The extensive range of fabrics offered for upholstering AURIGA bases are the perfect complement to any design and decoration, imbuing the system with great personality.

Our bases have removable covers that can be dry cleaned for greater hygiene of the base.

Various types of feet to choose from (height: 6.5 cm.)

Haldus Pata Metálica Haldus Pata Madera Wenge Haldus Pata Cerezo

Metal feet

Cherry wood feet

Wenge wood feet

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